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Opportunity Scholar at the posit::conf(2023), and Teacher Assistant


Sep 2023 – Sep 2023 Chicago, USA
On the second day of the workshops at the posit::conf(2023), I was delighted to serve as a teacher assistant in the ‘From R User to R Programmer’ workshop, led by the talented Emma Rand and Ian Lyttle in a packed room. I’m thrilled to have had this opportunity alongside Garrett Grolemund and Stephanie Hazlitt.

Data Consultant


Jun 2023 – Present Ile de France

Technologies: R


  • Development of interactive Shiny web applications
  • Implementing effective data visualization practices
  • Migration of SAS programs to R
  • Automating analytical tasks with R
  • Advocate for open source practices


Rencontres R 2023

Jun 2023 – Jun 2023 Avignon, France


Alteryx Inspire EMEA 2022

Oct 2022 – Oct 2022 Amsterdam
Inspire EMEA 2022 is the gathering place for individuals inspired and motivated by the value of analytics through Alteryx.

Business Intelligence Consultant

Prime Analytics

Oct 2020 – May 2023 Paris


  • Implementation of data solutions and strategies to business challenges

  • Development of solutions with agility and ensuring a good user experience

  • Understanding and prioritizing business and stakeholder requirements

  • Implementation of the Customer Management System (identification of the project context, their functional and technical requirements)

  • Automating analytical tasks with Alteryx

    Participation in the development of a reprocessing and editing solution for financial statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS:

  • Understand customer requirements, participate in consulting proposals

  • Creation of analytical workflows

    Development of an Analytical banking solution that provides a development environment bringing together a set of techniques and features for performing analyzes:

  • Undertaking Processing (cleaning, cleansing, feature engineering and verifying data integrity) of structured and unstructured data

  • Performance of machine learning algorithms

  • Deriving insights from data and present it to a non-technical audience through presentations and visualization techniques.

    Development of a Data Visualization solution that allows automatic processing of large amounts of information and transforming them into interactive dashboards that easily reflect the functioning of the bank and the results generated by the various actions implemented.

    Technologies: Alteryx, Power BI, Tableau Software


Data Scientist

Arab International Bank of Tunisia BIAT, The Head Office, Credit Risk Department

Jun 2019 – Sep 2020 Tunis

Project: Validation of the Internal Rating System of companies

Technologies: Python


  • Data handling, cleaning and verification
  • Examined the methodologies for constructing internal rating models
  • Studied the predictive power of exogenous factors and score functions
  • Studied the discriminating power of exogenous factors and score functions
  • Analyzed the stability of internal rating models
  • Examined the estimates of the probabilities of default
  • Designed of data processing solutions and script writing
  • Reporting

Project: Construction of Internal Rating Models


  • Changed the execution of a set of scripts produced under a defined technology to Oracle SQL

Project: Creation of Dashboards for monitoring Corporate Credit Risk

Technologies: R, R Shiny dashboard


  • Imported the database
  • Studied the data quality
  • Analyzed data extracted from financial statements
  • Analyzed financial ratios
  • Studied the migration of companies

Research Trainee on Computer Vision

Arab International Bank of Tunisia BIAT, The Head Office, Credit Risk Department

Feb 2019 – Jul 2019 Tunis


  • Processing of printed documents
  • Recognition of tables of financial statements and classification of their text content
  • Deployment of classification models using machine learning algorithms and approaches in natural language processing (NLP)
  • Key words: Computer Vision, OCR, Image Processing, Machine Learning

Technologies: Python, OpenCV, Tesseract


Data Scientist


Sep 2018 – Jan 2019 Tunis

Project: Construction of a food recommendation system

Technologies: R, Python


  • Exploration of a dataset about food products sold in several stores
  • Processing of textual documents
  • Modeling of consumers’food preferences



An overview of my blog posts

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Installation of R

Throughout this video, I will show you what are the instructions to follow in order to install the R software on your machine.

Installation of RStudio

Throughout this video, I will show you what are the instructions to follow in order to install RStudio on your machine.

RStudio is a …

Personal website

I have used the blogdown R package in order to create my personal website. I really recommend this incredible R package for creating …

covid19tunisia R package

covid19tunisia is the package that I have recently built in the programming language R. The work I did is part of covid19R project that …

Tracking Coronavirus COVID-19 in Tunisia

As the COVID_19 outbreak continues to evolve worldwide and particularly in my country Tunisia, I have created an application using …

Twitter Sentiment Analysis of news from American profiles

In this application, the user would be able to extract data from Twitter. I focus the work on American twitter profiles : The Hill - …

Brain Drain reasons analysis, Text Mining in Sociology

The project is about Brain Drain in Tunisia. A survey was conducted among Tunisian people in order to get answers of several questions …

Create your wordcloud

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Analyzing Donald Trump inauguration speech

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Co-author of the Data Visualization using ggplot2 and its extensions accepted tutorial

The tutorial covers the introduction to ggplot2 and its main functions. We covered how to make visualization of one variable, two variables, and three or more variables, how to lay out multiple plots, the use of ggstats for statistical visualizations, how to make interactive graphs using plotly and gganimate, some extensions of ggplot2.Finally, we showed how to enhance the quality of your graphs by changing the theme or adding a logo and how to export your graph.
See certificate

Alteryx Partner Server Technical Certified

The Alteryx Partner Server Implementation Certification is intended for individuals who can demonstrate skills, abilities, background, and knowledge required to deliver the Implementation Services around Alteryx Server. There are different categories of questions that appear on the Partner Server Implementation exam. Some of these include: Architecture, Installation, Configuration, Authentication, Persistence / MongoDB, Gallery Usage, Gallery Administration, API, Command Line, Backups, Troubleshooting.
See certificate

Diversity Scholarship in Conjunction with the rstudio::global Virtual Conference 2021

I was extremely happy to be selected as a Diversity Scholar in conjunction with the rstudio::global virtual conference in January 2021. This valuable scholarship gives me opportunities for online networking and support before and during the virtual conference. I attended two amazing workshops taught by some of R Studios most skilled and experienced educators, focusing on topics about sharing knowledge and teaching others. Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel lead an incredible workshop titled: What they forgot to teach you about teaching R. Besides, Alison Hill lead an amazing workshop on building websites using R Markdown.
See certificate

Alteryx Partner Technical Certified

Alteryx Partner Certification is targeted toward Sales Engineers, Consultants and Technical Support staff from organizations who sell, implement and support Alteryx Platform products. Multiple choice questions are administered to assess the candidate’s knowledge in the following areas: Alteryx Use Cases, Alteryx Server, Alteryx Connect, Alteryx Promote, and Alteryx Designer In-Database Tools.
See certificate

Alteryx Designer Advanced Certified

The Alteryx Advanced exam is the next stepping stone in the Platform Certification journey, allowing users to demonstrate their higher-level abilities with Alteryx Designer. The exam builds on concepts, configurations and tools that are included in the Core exam, and also requires users to be able to understand a wider breadth of tool functionality and apply their knowledge to more complex applications.
See certificate

Alteryx Designer Core Certified

The Alteryx Designer Core product certification exam is intended to test the aptitude around the ‘core’ toolset in Alteryx. The ‘core’ toolset was determined by selecting the most commonly used tools in Alteryx Designer in addition to understanding basic UI/operational elements.
See certificate

SecNum académie

This course serves as an introduction to cybersecurity that helps me to act effectively on the protection of my digital tools.
See certificate

Value at Risk : Backtesting and Stresstesting

See certificate

Big Data Specialization Certified

I gained an understanding of what insights big data can provide through hands-on experience with the tools and systems used by big data scientists and engineers. I was guided through the basics of using Hadoop with MapReduce, Spark, Pig and Hive. By following along with provided code, I experienced how one can perform predictive modeling and leverage graph analytics to model problems. This specialization prepared me to ask the right questions about data, communicate effectively with data scientists, and do basic exploration of large, complex datasets. In the final Capstone Project, developed in partnership with data software company Splunk, I applied the skills I learned to do basic analyses of big data.
See certificate


R-Ladies Paris, a committed community promising diversity and inclusivity.

How to create R notebooks in Jupyter notebooks.

This hands-on workshop was a gentle introduction to learning how to manage and track the source code history by walking through basic …

The workshop aims to provide you with the basic skills to get familiar with the use of Git and GitHub in RStudio.

How to Explore your Community Management Skills into Your Professional Career

Volunteer Experiences



Jupyter 2023 Conference

May 2023 – May 2023 Paris

Attendee, co-host at a roundtable, and member of the Program Committee

Shiny 2023 Conference by Appsilon

Mar 2023 – Mar 2023 Online
Inspirational women participated in a panel about empowering diversity in R (Shiny), offering insights into their backgrounds and the challenges they faced while working in the field of data science. You can find the replay here.

Member of Arab-R Committee


Aug 2022 – Present Online
The Arab-R vision is to create a sustainable capacity building for Arabic R users and to support them through networking, increasing their visibility and drive the creation of more useR/R-Ladies groups in the region. - See here


Francophone SatRday Conference

Aug 2022 – Aug 2022 Online

The Francophone SatRday Conference covered the usage of R for Data Science and Epidemiology. The event was held in French.

  • Introduced the Francophone SatRday Conference and each speaker
  • Facilitated discussions by the audience and speakers through the Q&A sessions
  • Guided related interactions - See here

Community Lead

R-Ladies Paris

Jul 2022 – Present Paris
  • Bringing R enthusiasts together to learn new things from each other
  • Promoting gender inclusivity among R practitioners and learners
  • Helping advocate for the power of R
  • Content creator at the social media platforms of R-Ladies Paris
  • Organizing R-related workshops/meetups and networking events - See here

Co-Founder & Former Co-Organizer

Tunis R User Group

Jun 2021 – Jul 2021 Tunis
  • Collaborating on projects, development packages and working groups
  • Providing meetings and spaces to support new R users
  • Organizing various workshops - See here

Co-Founder & Former Co-Organizer

PyLadies Tunis

Mar 2021 – Jul 2021 Tunis
  • Helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community
  • Providing a friendly support network for women and a bridge to the larger Python world
  • Sharing announcements and tutorials about Python
  • Organizing various workshops - See here

Co-Founder & Former Co-Organizer

R-Ladies Tunis

May 2020 – May 2021 Tunis
  • Achieving proportionate representation by encouraging, inspiring, and empowering people of genders currently underrepresented in the R community
  • Providing meetings and spaces to support new R users
  • Sharing daily news and tutorials about R
  • Organizing various workshops - See here


Statistics Revolution Club

Sep 2016 – May 2017 ESSAI Tunis
  • Organized workshops and practical training in order to strengthen the knowledge of the engineering students - See here
  • Established debates around economic issues
  • Organized cultural and scientific events
  • Organized face-to-face surveys
  • Distribution of club magazine editions

R-Ladies Paris Experience

A list of the annual reports of R-Ladies Paris that provide detailed information about our activities.

A list of the past and upcoming events organized by R-Ladies Paris.